Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Potato Crepes w/ Cilantro Tamarind Sauce

Now I just rolled this up, I didn't actually prepare the ingredients - just helped cook the crepes. Kylie B. was the one who pulled this recipe from a great cookbook Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. This is a great book with lots of fun recipes. Kylie did make regular crepes and a wheat free version by just switching flours to the GF kind, it was a thinner batter but cooked nicely. And I must say I REALLY liked these...and will defiantly be making them again. There are a lot of ingredients so bear with me....Crepes; 1 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c chickpea flour, 1 tsp salt, 2 T olive oil, 2 c water. Mix well - cover & chill 1/2 hour. To cook them you can use a non stick skillet and 1/4 c batter and swirl it around so that it spreads out, flip when the top looks cooked through. Cooks fast!
Filling; in a large skillet 2 T oil (she uses peanut) add 1 1/2 c onions - chopped, 1 red pepper - chopped saute 5 min, add2 cloves garlic, 2 T ginger grated, then add 2 1/2 # of sweet potatoes, cover & cook 15 min stirring. add spice mixture of - 2 tsp cumin, 1 tsp coriander, 1 tsp fenugrrk, 1 tsp mustard, pinch of cinnamon, pinch of cayenne, and grind 2 cardamon pods w/ 6 cloves...Add1/2 can coconut milk, 1 T maple syrup, 1 T lime juice - cook 5 min.
Sauce; try to make while potatoes are cooking...1/2 c cashews, 2 c cilantro, 1/2 can coconut milk,1 tsp maple syrup, 1 T oil (again she uses peanut but can use sunflower etc..), pinch of salt, put into blender and blend till smooth. So put your crepes together as you serve them and eat often!!!! SOOO YUMMY!